Saturday, November 14

things to be thankful for

* I finished To Kill A Mockingbird. And whilst I am sure it was only me that hadn't read it, if you haven't then do! It's amazing. Wonderful characters, wonderful writing, gripping story line, whimsical, of an era, but poingant and relevant too. Perfect.
* My angel sifted out 3 buckets of beautiful soil from the compost. It's the most astounding stuff. From all our garden scraps and kitchen waste comes this incredible silky, sweet smelling rich dark soil. I know it sounds weird but it looks good enough to eat, and its actually soft and velvety to touch! Amazing!
* TWO weeks until I travel. I know you are all getting sick of the countdown every week but I havent travelled in so long and I am so excited. How marvelous to have a journey to be going on!
* The Charter For Compassion was unveiled this week. Possibly one of the most important and world altering charters to be made yet! Tell your friends and shout about it!
* I did gift wrapping today for a friends wedding present. I love gift wrapping. *sigh*
* I have love written on my arm. Check it out.
* Bek moved into the house this week, back from Paris! It is so lovely to have one of my besties back in the same country as me. She is cute as a button.
* Although I had a shitty week at work, each night I came home to either a) a lovely husband with arms ready for a big cuddle or b) lovely housemates & friends with the kettle on, happy to sit and eat ice cream straight out of the punnet with me.
* I mowed our little lawn this morning. It was fun and is one of my happiest smells. I am SO thankful to have a garden.
* I had cafe breakfast with my lover this morning and wore a floaty dress. Bliss.

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