Friday, November 13


This morning I was thinking how much of my time I spend looking forward to things (or occasionally dreading them) or wading through my imaginary world, and how little time I spend revelling in the moment. I need some unlearning here, especially for our travels. I want to experience it, live it and soak it up, not be always waiting for whats next, whats next, whats next or lost in some bizarre story standing alone in my head. Hard lesson.
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  1. Oh me too! I am always planning for the next thing rather than enjoying every day. How do you stop though?

  2. Haha, this sounds like what I go through every morning when I wake up! The mental pep talk that happens in the little space of time between conscious and standing...

  3. I too have this "problem." My little sister gave me some good advice though...she said to live in between. Be in the present but always be working towards something in tomorrow. Balance is hard.


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