Monday, November 30

the french say au revoir...

Away! Tomorrow morning at very very early o'clock.  I will be on my way. A huge three month adventure with my favourite adventure partner! We are so so lucky! We have so many exciting things to look forward to & enjoy in the moment! Eyes opened, hand in hand, we will lap up a whole new world - together!
I have some scheduled posts set to roll in, and I will be updating here with my adventures when I can.
But for now: Goodbye blog friends... Hello: Hong Kong, England, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa!!


  1. how exciting!! knowing full well that it will be an amazing trip, i don't really need to tell you that part. i look forward to reading when you update, and seeing pictures from around the globe!
    stay safe. xo

  2. oh wow! happy trip and looking forward to hearing stories about your journey :)

  3. Oh so exciting....happy travels friend...can't wait to keep up with all you discover and experience! be safe.


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