Tuesday, December 1

tour du paintings part 5

This is the last of this series. It's been fun. How lucky I am to have so many lovely pieces of art that mean so much to me. These last lot of paintings are... ahem... by me. They are all painted for my husband and have been given to him as gifts over various birthdays we have shared together.
The blue one is of my foot and is the first one I gave him. The yellow one above that is about him and it has writing hidden all through it and continues on to the back of the canvas too. It also has a photograph hidden in it..
The mini two I did as a set. The dotty one is based on Damien Hirsts dot paintings. I found it suprisingly difficult and my dot spacing is not as accurate as it should be! The black one has a stencil of a bird on a gold branch with a gold wing... the bird is actually a different texture to the background but you can't really tell from the photo... I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking putting them together... I suppose a day and night theme. Or I could say that it is subjective, and then you can just decide for yourselves! Much easier!

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