Sunday, November 29


Today at work a physical culture, or in other parts of the country calisthenics, competition is happening. Now please forgive me if you like it or partake in it. But I just don't get it. From an outsiders point of view I see it as demeaning and pointless. If you want your child to have poise send her to gymnastics or yoga. If you want her to be cultured take her to art galleries, theatre shows and films. Putting her in a leotard, her hair up in a do that takes several hours and several gallons of hairspray and covering her 6 year old face in makeup, then blowing a whistle to start and stop her from ridiculous poses that are useless and futile to every day life, seems extremely uncultured and not particurly physical to me. In fact it looks almost exactly like a dog show. But it's children!! I am sitting at my lighting console right now and my jaw is dropped, horrified.
I didn't want to use this blog as a place to complain, but really, it's like the stepford wives all came into my venue today!

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  1. Utterly in agreement, the only lipstick a six year old should be privy to is one made of candy.


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