Saturday, November 28

things to be thankful for

* My amazing man: he is my joy, he can always make me laugh, and his hugs are the best.
* Easy internet access. I have a feeling I am going to be missing you interwebs - though what the heck I'll be exploring the real world instead!
* My mumma. What a cool woman.
* I got to hold our friends beautiful baby the whole time I was visiting. So cute as he fell asleep in my arms.
* Strawberries. Gosh they are yummy! We ate one from our garden yesterday!
* Music. Dancing in the kitchen late at night is my new favourite thing.
* All the awesome people I know in England who I get to see NEXT WEEK!
* My dear friend Courtney, who is picking us up at 5.30am to take us to the airport on Tuesday!
* Our local coffee shop for giving us (my entire share house) caffeine to go this morning. Giving, as in, making a tray of what we usually have without asking and refusing money for it! *love them*
* Paracetamol. Thanks for being so easy to access, and not rolling your eyes at us when we need you because we make silly mistakes like not sleeping enough and drinking too much beer/wine....


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  1. that's a beautiful list of things to be thankful for.
    mums are cool, strawberries are great, and paracetamol is always a winner.
    nice one :)


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