Monday, October 19

early mark

Surry Hills smells like jasmin and jacaranda. The trees and hedges are all in full bloom around my neck of the woods. Cycling home in dusky night lit quiet streets, because it's Monday, is calming after a mixed up old day. Three coffee's and I was still tired all day at work.
I'll probably be a bit quiet on the old blog front for the next couple of days, unless I get more early marks like I did today.

On a happy note I spoke at length to my baby (18yrold!) brother tonight in the dinner break. It's amazing how a sibling can turn from the most annoying little pest who knows how to get your hackles up in 3 seconds to a quite extraordinary human in the blink of an eye (or so it seems). That's easier for me to say, being the big sister who has lived out of home for most of the crazy change years. But, every time I speak to him now I feel so happy that we are going to be great friends as adults. He starts his HSC tomorrow and was telling me about his English exams and it a) made me so happy I never have to do that ever again and b) made me remember just how much school students know! I have forgotten so much of what I learnt at school - mostly because I did a degree that didn't require hardly any of my school knowledge. Sure, I know a stack of stuff about other things now (lighting systems, bill splitting, rent paying, composting,  etc.) but writing essays - eurgh. And I used to be so good at them! Actually that's partly why I started to write here, writing is probably my most favourite way to communicate, I need brain exercise and I need to reflect. Because time is rolling merrily along.

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  1. Ahh the smell of spring and blossoming *friendships* with sibling! Sweet indeed.


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