Wednesday, October 21


I'm a coffee addict. Quite a big one. I have one every single day. I'd have more, but I don't. Because it's not healthy for me or my wallet...
So I think it's important I share my latest most favourite thing.

Keep Cup.

I know there are a couple of other products out there, but I think this is the best. Certainly if you're in Australia. It's plastic so it wont break in your bag like a ceramic one. It's made from recycled materials and it is recyclable. It's made to measure barista standards. And its 100's of paper cups you wont be throwing away.
In one year by having a keep cup I am saving 10kgs of woodpulp, 1kg of plastic lids and 374 mjs of energy!Eep!

So I'm not, like, selling them or anything. But if anyone is as big a coffee drinker as I am then you should totally do it. Oh and they're only $10. Fricken bargain.
Oh and did I say they come in pretty colours? No? They come in heaps of pretty colours! Huzzah!

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  1. I looove these! I'm so glad you showed them to me!


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