Saturday, October 24

things to be thankful for 5.

Almost the end of a big week, and that is somthing to be thankful for in itself!

* Spring is really here, and it's time to switch to the lighter doona on the bed!
* I am going to have a dinner party.
* My angel and I have saved up enough for our trip.
* Someone left a huge pile of stuff out in the back lane which I "stealth recylced" and got: a big white vase, several pots for the garden, 2 bedside lamps that I am going to fix up and make new shades for and best of all a pair of BEAUTIFUL white roller skates with red wheels (that almost, but not quite, fit). But they are sooooo pretty!
* I've had a fair few early marks this week and so am not as tired as I was expecting to be.
* I have a beautiful bunch of cornflowers in my home. The most magnificent blue colour ever.
* Another lot of friends have gotten engaged - I know 5 engaged couples now! 'Tis the time of life I s'pose...
* There are teeny tiny tomatoes on our bushes. I like to tell them how cute they are.
* My little brother is almost done with his HSC exams.
* Our friends at our local watering hole gave me a stack of classic books to read. So nice! 1984 can soon be ticked off my "books I haven't read but am meant to have" list.

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