Saturday, October 24

i am, i am not; in conclusion

So I tried a little before and after on myself 2 weeks ago...
Just to report back on how it went...
1) I did crap with not eating sugar... I did cut down though.
2) I did good with the reflection thing! Now to keep it up...
3) I learnt how to use the metal saw at work and I've re-learnt the lighting desk.. which was a very humbling experience.
4) I have a few more "beautiful things of a different kind" up my sleeves. It was really good just surfing cool not for profit organisations all week. I still love and will always love looking at beautiful design and interior decorating stuff, but it is good to get some perspective.

The lust for pretty stuff and a beautiful home versus thinking that I should give my spare money to people less fortunate and recycle old stuff has always been a struggle of mine. This is a disscusion I have had with my friend Mia who has the same dillema as I. She commented that on a trip to Indonisia, she met people who had virtually nothing had filled their homes with pretty things they found... some people just like making things look nice... I am one of those. It makes me happy. It's just a matter of finding a balance. I like fixing broken things and doing up daggy things, even though I still drool over Eames chairs - I will never actually buy one. (Hubby can buy me one for my birthday/Christmas/anniversary/just because present though *coughhintcough*)

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  1. The yellow rockingchair is so groovy. Love it. :) Love your blog too.!


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