Saturday, October 17

things to be thankful for 4.

* We've found an orphanage to volunteer at while we are in Uganda next year and it looks amazing!
* My angel gets back tomorrow (he's been away for 3 days).
* It's is closing night tonight! After 8 weeks of 8 shows a week - I am very relieved!
* I made a big batch of cupcakes for everyone at work and they've all gone already (I think they liked them!)
* In 6 weeks time I will be seeing all my high school friends who I havent seen in 5- 6 years!
* My mums horses are better - they got real sick a few weeks ago and she was scared they would remain lame.
* I live in a wonderful house, with a garden and lovely house mates.
* My angel keeps on calling me because he is missing me while he is away. (It is nice feeling loved)
* The next show is bringing its own lighting programmer. I am so relieved about this as it is a big show and I would be switching to a different lighting desk that I don't know as well as the current one I am using. Phew! Pressure's off!
* The sun is shining, it is a beautiful day, it is a beautiful world, that just keeps on spinning.
ps. you may have noticed I have a penchant for taking photos of the sun! This one is on the road to my home town.

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