Tuesday, October 27

dress ups

My Angel had a party to go to this weekend (I had to work) but I played along with the "finding an outfit dress ups" for fun anyway. How lucky am I to have a boy who likes playing dress ups and then doing late night photo shoots! Doesn't he look dashing all done up and waistcoaty! I'm wearing my lovely housemate's coat and ginourmous play spectacles!

This weekend we went to the Eveleigh farmers markets. All the produce is lined up beautifully and it is in an extremely lovely and suitably rustic venue, but it is too expensive for me to do my weekly vegie shop at. I wish it was more reasonably priced, because I would love to be supporting local farmers. But because it's Sydney people know they can do okay when they hoik (yes that IS a word) the prices up so only the wealthy can afford it. Nice to wander through though... and I fluttered my eyelashes and stared longingly enough to get my housemate boys to buy me a beautiful bunch of cornflowers! Me? Manipulation? If flowers are involved then certainly!

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