Tuesday, October 27

list love

Sorry I abandoned my posts on Monday, but it was my first day off in 2 weeks, so I played with my angel all day. We did lots of organising and fluffing about for our big adventure. I love the concept of being super organised - making beautifully composed lists which neatly get crossed off in order, one by one... but try as I might it just doesn't happen. Not the way I dream of anyway. The lists are never beautiful - though they are plentiful, and the crossing off invariably is a) messy and b) done in order of easiest to hardest not what is most urgent to least!
I have a little book which I have decided is the list book. It has its own matching pencil and every time I think of a new list that needs to be made it goes in there. Now I have several travel ones, a christmas shopping one, an "other presents" one (so many birthdays/weddings/babies this year!) a dinner party one... all sorts. At least it makes me feel organised even if I don't refer to it as often as I should and even though the hard things to do always happen last and latest.
We finished off the evening with a dinner date, we even had entrees and dessert! Fancy! I had fried ice cream for the first time in my life and it wasn't a let down at all!

Notebook is by the drool-a-licious Kate Spade

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  1. Oh my I am a *list* freak! Love them....can't live without them....but there is always a new one to make. Seems all the crossing just makes them messy and I need to rewrite a new one with all the new things to add. ha.


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