Monday, October 21

Garden Update Spring

Our house is looking particularly sweet in it's spring glory at the moment.
The sweet peas are going absolutely nuts, they smell amazing and are a riot of pink purple and white.
Cucumbers and pumpkins coming up.
Bee's checking out the flowering onion heads.
Last of the anemones in the side garden.
The standard iceburgs out the front are blooming.
The white flowers of the front garden are just amazing - filling the beds to the brim - just the look I love (we've got seaside daisy, white ranunculus and dusty miller in shot here).
The porch has had a spring clean. Tim re-oiled the deck, we rearranged all the succulents and I finally got around to doing up that white cane chair - I'll show you a close up soon.

These are really September Spring pictures - more has happened - I just need to photograph it!

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  1. so lovely! your sweet little cottage. I wish i had a good bit of ground to plant in. But just me and my pot plants are doing ok for Spring.


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