Thursday, October 24


Our newest family members:
Heather and Betty

These ladies are named after our maternal grandmothers - We have 2 more ladies coming and they will be named Gloria and Gelsina after our paternal grandmothers! Once I finally got Tim to come round to the idea the chooks simply had to have ladies names (He wanted to name them Godley and Creme!) we decided Grandma type names would be appropriate so why not honour our grandmas with our chickens.. we think its an honour anyway! These two ladies are leghorn crosses and apparently will be excellent layers. No eggs yet - but you can bet I'll be photographing it when it does happen! We eat about a dozen eggs a week here in chateau shinelittlelight, as vegos they're a great source of calcium and protein, plus I am a HUGE breakfast fan and we have a poached egg most days. Since living in Wagga it's been great helping my folks out with their surplus egg supply, but we've been wanting our own little flock from the beginning. Homegrown is the best peace of mind I can have about where my eggs come from, plus the taste difference is amazing.

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