Friday, September 13

Catch up...

T: Well thats what its like running for public office.
S: You wake up one Sunday morning with no idea where the last three months went, a hangover and a new prime minister. The only thing is to decide what's worse: the hangover or the new PM.

Phew, it's been madness. I've been earthing down, as a friend of ours said, and its been keeping me sane. Spring is just being ridiculously good looking.

I got a pang of oh my god this is my house I live here this is mine, the other night. It was nice to have that feeling about our space again instead of just existing in a whirlwind of things that must get done.

I'm running again, getting up early and run run run. I feel better already and it is so pretty.

Photos are mostly being taken on my phone - spending all day at work on a computer means I dont want to be on one when I get home. But I don't want to abandon this place just yet.

I have recipes to share and more gardening stuff and good things happen all the time, I need to remember its nice to write them down - to remember. It's also nice to simplify.


  1. yay two posts in one day! and every time I visit your house, I think it's so lovely and amazing. best house on the street, easily!

  2. I'm with you on that Sonya!

    I'll have to pop in again soon for tea & cake :)

    1. You will Jules - especially now the madness is over!


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