Saturday, March 16

Things to be Thankful for*

Hmmmm can you hear that? Crickets chirping? Yup it's been a bit quiet here this week. There's a good reason for that, and this week I have a particularly LARGE amount to be thankful for involving family, air ambulances and hospitals in Sydney. We have a road to recovery ahead of us - but we will get there. So this week I am thankful for:

* The Australian medical system.
* Family, family, family.
* People that train to become doctors and nurses and work in our thankless public hospitals.
* Safety gear.
* Red wine and chocolate. Yes atthesametime.
* Bright pink washi tape, cheering up my office.
* The change in temperature - autumn? Could that be you? Could you bring me some rain please?
* Bendy straws.
* Home grown food. I don't think the sense of pride will ever diminish!

What are you thankful for?
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  1. Oh goodness! I hope you are ok, and everyone is healing well. I'm grateful for the medical system too x

  2. I am hoping everything turns ok for whomever in your family needs assistance.

  3. I hope everyone's on the mend Sophie. We do take our medical professionals for granted sometimes, and they really are fabulous!
    Take care :)

  4. I too am grateful for the people who care for others in the system...nurses particularly who bring a little cheer and life to their patients. Hope everyone is on the healing path x

  5. Hope everything is okay - i love that amid a medical crisis you still found gratitude for things like washi tape and bendy straws xx


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