Sunday, March 10

Things to be Thankful For*

* The first date night we've had in a while. Sublime.
* When my dog goes crazy and runs from one end of the house to the back yard and round again.
* Getting student feedback. Sometimes a bit "ouch" but mostly helpful.
* The amazing food we had on our movie shoot last weekend. Fresh picked organic blackberries anyone?!
* Phoning friends and chatting. Finally.
* The wonders of massage.
* Our beautiful fertile soil.
* Fig jam.
* Being a women in a country like Australia.

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  1. These simple beautiful moments were lovely to read and imagine. Not only did you have freshly picked blackberries but also fig jam!

  2. Aah massage, that is truly one to be grateful for.
    Lisa :)

  3. My that's a glorious picture, Sophie.

    I wish I had more blog reading time. I'm sure you're posting about your movie shoot and I'm missing out. Gonna have a good look around now and see what I'm missing. x


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