Monday, March 18

In My Garden...

The garden! I've been pottering around with our ever expanding succulent collection. Big ones into garden beds or bigger pots, tiny babies gifted to us, divided up, an old tin teapot becoming a plant holder, dropped leaves stuck in the ground to become plants again (gotta love succulents)!
My first Cosmo flower, planted from seed - these guys did not take long at all to grow, they flower right when lots of other stuff doesn't, and the soft leaves look great too, I think these may become a staple in white in the front garden.
Alyssum, also planted from seed. So obliging and easy to grow, flowering virtually all year. I'm organising these all around the front edge of the front garden to drape sweetly over the bricks. I want them to be interspersed with white Violets (flower in winter and lovely foliage all year), seaside daisy's, lambs ears and mmmm maybe something else small and drapey and white which I haven't decided on yet.
And a random sunflower. He's from the seeds of my ginormous Giant Russians but only about 2 foot tall! To be fair, he had a late start to life (these are Summer flowers really), he's in rubbish soil and he got stood on by a tradie and almost snapped in half.
This cool little dude is called Ptilotus, Joey... we'll just call him Joey for now as I have no idea how to pronounce his proper name. I noticed him on a nursery website recently and thought he would be an excellent perennial for my side garden (mmmm dusty pink), and then I spotted him in Bunnings and snapped him up (not sure why plants are boy's?? Are there any rules on this?). 

Anyway, the rest of the side garden is rather.... brown at the moment. I'm slowly working my way down digging up the grass and weeds and rather compacted soil and browsing through perennials to fill it up. They need to be in my colour pallete - of course ;), but also drought and forst tolerant (we do proper weather here in Wagga Wagga), happy with a fair amount of sun for now but also cool with sharing with fruit trees, plus of course leave space for bulbs to pop up and show off through winter and spring. Then there's all the business with making sure they have nice foliage, but they're not all same-y, and mixing up the colours so one end of the garden isn't all yellow and the other end all pink (actually, currently the whole damn thing is looking rather pink!). Basically a recipe for me melting into a big pile of indecision and not buying anything! 
And finally, some tomatos I managed to get before the fruit fly did! Yay! We are still picking chillies and basil (though it is beginning to look rather sad) but the other herbs are marvellous. The potatoes are almost ready to be lifted and we pick zucchinis and cucumbers everyday, from only 2 plants of each! 

*** Dear readers... do you garden? Do you want to garden? ***


  1. I don't garden but I would love to, I hope to own a house one day and then I will garden... lovely pictures ;)

  2. Lovely. I'm buying a few succulents today for project green up my office! I didn't know they grew so easily in the ground again. Lovely to hear your garden is growing x


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