Tuesday, February 12

Lovely People...

Well now, it's high time I introduce you to these lovely folks on my side bar there.

First up we have Tractorgirl. Julie runs a beautiful blog all about design, materials and a few delicious recipes here and there too. She also sells her beautiful upcycled and vintage fabric-wares in her shop and (my favourite) makes beautiful jewellery too. Look at those earrings ! - They make me want to get my ears pierced!. She recently approved of the colour we painted our living room (we're real life friends too!) which may have just about been my proudest moment in interior design!

And we also have another talented creative seamstress the lovely Jude of Lox & Smith. Lox & Smith make beautiful, one off cushions from gorgeous bold print fabrics - Florence Broadhurst fans will love it! These are super awesome. And I wouldn't be surprised if there was much more to come from this lady...

Side note
I've "whipped up" a fair few of my own cushions for around the house and used to always think that prices people charge for cushions was a bit steep. Now, my cushions look... okay. From a distance. But sheesh. I hate sewing and I'm just not that good at it. straight lines? Zippers? Long lasting seams and no frayed bits? Good quality fabric? That stuff stings! My own endeavors into "whipping up" a cushion made me realise that yeah - a cushion really is worth that much!


  1. I love your homemade cushions, especially the pineapple one! but I have to agree, zippers are such a pain! I've resorted to sewing cushions into their covers, which really isn't a long-term solution :S


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