Monday, February 11

In my garden...

The side garden. Continued...

 Okay, I've dug a ditch and laid my bricks. I've also dug over a tiny quater of it (you have to start somewhere!) I just used a fork and flipped the deadish grass over, beating the dirt of large clods and putting them in the compost. I then mixed in, again with the fork, a wheelbarrow of horse poo. Luckily for us, and our garden, we have access to as much free horsepoo as we want, as my parents are riders.
We're going to put in that cute rustic gate when we work out gate installation (I'm only up to fencing so far!) so we can more easily pop to our neighbours place. True country folk style!
I've popped in two plants that were in the front garden but not white, an echinacea (also called a cone flower) and  some kinda of salvia, it's tag says Gaura. And speaking of pink, the Crepe Myrtle is going bananas right now! So PINK!

Also, I've just discovered this nursery. It is proving hard work not to give them all my money in exchange for all their plants! So pretty and such great write ups!

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