Wednesday, February 6

Beetroot, Fetta & Balsamic Dip

For this recipe you need a blender thingydo. I made a huge bowl of this for our party and it all got guzzled up. The balsamic really offsets the beetroot just so. You need to be careful not to blend it so much that it turns into a paste - I like my dips with a bit of chunk - so little spurts of blending for this one.

You need:
200g fresh beetroot
4 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup pine nuts
1 teaspoon brown sugar
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
pinch of salt
80gs Danish style fetta

* Remove any beet leaves and cover in boiling water and boil until a skewer goes through them easily (around 30mins). Drain and allow to cool slightly.
* Put the beets in cold water and peel off their skins, they should just slip off, and chop off their heads and tails.
* Put everything except the fetta into your blender (you might need to do it in batches) and whizz it on high just for a few seconds at a time - until it gets to a lumpy consistency (mmm lumpy...). Add the fetta and whizz again for a few seconds at a time. Taste, adjust and whizz a little until it tastes how you want it and it's the consistency you like.
* Serve with a scattering of fetta and basil shreads on top with hunks of fresh warm sourdough.


  1. Definitely making this one, fell in love with beetroot this year when hubby whipped up a beetroot relish.
    This looks so easy, can't wait.

  2. Oh YUM! YUM! Yes, two yums required.

  3. LOOKS AMAZING! Yum. Wow thanks for sharing that gem. xx
    I have a giveaway at the moment, come along and play if you like..


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