Thursday, February 14

Roast Pumpkin Burger

This is tasty. Really, really tasty. And as we start getting in new season pumpkins (come onnnnn autumn!) it just gets tastier. This is great for a casual dinner with some friends and super simple, cooking wise, too. This basically needs you to get roasting, now that I am blessed with a megatron oven - it's super easy for me, but might require some staggering depending on your oven size.

You need:
* Jap or butternut pumpkin
* Large Zucchini
* 2 medium onions
* 2 fresh tomatoes (don't put them in the fridge - it ruins the flavour!)
* 1 avocado
* Sprigs of thyme and rosemary
* Garram massala
* Olive oil
* Salt Flakes (the nice stuff)
* Burger buns (sourdough is nice)
* Pesto

* Slice you pumpkin into thick wedges, a quarter of the pumpkin size if you have a Jap or half if you have a butternut, about 1.5 cms thick. Leave the skin on and pop them on a baking tray smearing each side in a little olive oli, a tiny sprinkle of salt flakes, a spattering of garram massala on each piece and the rosemary springs. pop in a hot oven(190degrees) to roast for about 45mins until soft and caramelising.
* Chop your onion in half through the middle (we're making rings) and peel off the most outer layers of papery skin. Also cut your tomatoes in half the same way. Put the tomatoes cut side up and the onions cut side down on a baking tray, drizzle oil on them and sprinkle thyme on both. Put in the oven and roast for 30 - 40 mins until staring to caramelise.
* Slice your Zucchini thickly into long strips and, you guessed it, smear in olive oil, a dash of salt and either grill or roast for until soft and darkening, about 20- 30 mins.
* As stuff starts to be ready from the oven, toast your burger buns lightly and butter them. Smear pesto on the bottom bun and place a wedge of pumpkin on top, then zucchini, then a tomato half and onion rings (you may want to break them apart a little so it all holds together. Put thick slices of avocado on the inside lid of your bun and hold it all together with either a) your hands taking it straight into your mouth or b) a great big skewer thingy, and serve with homemade wedges!


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