Monday, February 4

Before, During & After: Kitchen

So, the one room which is finished... mmmm, most finished anyway I thought might be ready for a little look around... This room is worth seeing the before of - it's been one of the most drastic (and fantastic) changes the flood brought!
This is how it was when we bought it:
The curtains went within 3 hours, and we made do with a bar fridge for the first month. Note the sink off centre to the window, leaving no room to stack dirty or clean dishes and the generally crapola layout. We also painted the beige cupboards blue to cheer the space up until we could renovate (a room tour I was going to do for you, which didn't ever eventuate!).

This is what it looked like when we walked in the door after the flood:

Then it got stripped back completely, (you may remember this find) and we insulated the walls:

And now it looks a little something like this...

We couldn't be happier with the result! It's designed by our friend and architect (so handy!!!) Esther ( who is a genius. It's made entirely from ply wood with white melamine doors which kept the price down and was the exact Danish/simple/with a dash of 50's look we were going for and is a bit more waterproof than a completely mdf kitchen. 

We had a hard time convincing the builder that we really, truely wanted the doors recessed and the ply stripes exposed but they did a pretty good job, despite saying they hated it! Ha! We both hate corner cabinet doors so got rid of them, and luckily I'm slightly (read: a lot) cuckoo about having all the pots and pan handles facing the same way - so it still looks good. 

We feel so lucky to have our dream kitchen already (yes! I get to keep food in jars - HEAVEN!) there have been some lovely silver linings to this flood business. 

What do you think? More room tours? 

Kitchen: Marine grade ply wood & white melamine
Painted: Dulux "Lexicon quater"
Tiles: DiLorenzo tiles
Pantry: Ebay and done up by us, painted in Dulux, Mermaid Splash & Chalk white
Sink: Ikea
Tap: Plumbtec
Handles, fruit bowl, apple, clock & canisters all opshop/junk shop/side of the road finds.


  1. beautiful and unique, there are no other words for it, well done you xxx

  2. Oh my!!! I just adore your kitchen!!! The sink and the fridge are just amazing...and I love the splashes of colour too!

  3. looks like it should be in a magazine! perfection

  4. Love it! Yes, definitely more room tours :)

  5. Wow, your kitchen looks amazing.

  6. beautiful. great job. can't wait to enjoy it and see it in person.

  7. the chubby green jug went through the flood and survived :) prettiest kitchen ever.

  8. Oh wow its so wonderful! and your so deserving after having to loose so much time from the flood. I really love it. it needs to be in a magazine!

  9. So jealous that's a gorgeous kitchen!!

  10. Yes! More room tours! In love.

  11. The kitchen looks awesome. And a good kitchen is so important. It's where it all happens. so YES more room tours. nat x


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