Saturday, February 2

Things to be Thankful For*

* Peaches.
* Finished Jobs. I love finishing jobs.
* Clean sheets.
* Friends who stay at your party all day and all night.
* Friends who dash off to buy more ice-cream for you when you run out.
* My new job starting on Monday. Here's to seeing what routine looks like!
* Those nice sponsor-y people on the side bar there. (If you think you would like to hang out there too check out my contact section)
* Indoor pot plants. They make it all look better.

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{A sunset dinner with my parents & chillies from the garden}


  1. Friends and ice-cream! a lovely mix. Good luck with new job. I just started a new job on's going to take some getting used to working again (I just had 5 months off!).

  2. I hope your new job goes well. Those chillies and strawberries look amazing!

  3. Hope your new job started well. Love the photos.


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