Sunday, January 13


We had a less than 24hour trip to Melbourne this weekend for a black tie wedding...

The main things I wanted to do (beside celebrate a sweet couple getting married!) for our brief visit was have an awesome city cafe breakfast: We accomplished this at Southpaw on Gertrude st - highly recommend. Annnd buy some shoes. One pair of Tigers (sale price thankyouverymuch) and one pair of Saltwaters. In tan - Yes, it was time. (The rumours are true. They are awesome.) 
As we approach our one year anniversary of the big move to the country - I've been feeling a bit anxious. Was this a stupid mistake? Are we going to stop being invited to things? Will I ever be able to get back into my industry if I want to? A gnawing worry in the tummy.
But eating our amazing cafe breakfast this morning and watching the beautiful, weird and cool people, and resisting going into all the pretty shops made me think we might have got it right. 
By just visiting the city we can have the city things we miss: food, coffee, beautiful people to watch, shopping. But the best things about the country... you might not get by just visiting. On a visit you might not come across a double rainbow and a jaw dropping sunset - what we arrived home to tonight. On a visit you won't get the joy of planting a stick in the ground in winter and then eating a warm raspberry off it in summer. On a visit the weather might not be right for a float down the river, and a surprise platypus sighting. If we lived in the city we wouldn't have a dog, or a house to decorate as we please, we wouldn't be able to be hosts for traveling friends. 
I think for us - and what we dream of for our lives - I think we've got it right. For now! 

Ps. All iPhone pics taken this evening - no filters!
Pps. Spot the new Saltwaters!


  1. That's so beautiful, Sophie. Don't ever regret your move. The city can always be visited, but the country needs to be in your heart. x

  2. last year a lady told me that life in the city is spoilt once you've experienced living in the country and I can't help but agree, even after 2 short years in this town. sometimes we get restless for the city, for its galleries, cafes and activities but we always feel like we're home when we get back. and having seen your beautiful kitchen, and having sat on your porch in the golden hour and watched the train go by, I think you have made an enviable decision :) x

  3. Hi Soph and Tim just stumbled across your blog, great, fantastic, seems an under statement. Its good to see you made the right move and all is working out for you both and puppy. I miss you both, but this was a wonderful way to find out you are overcoming the tuff stuff. I thought and still think you are beautiful, caring, amazing people and love the love you have for each other no matter where you are you have each other. Bless you both..


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