Wednesday, January 16

Better Homes & Gardens... than yours.

The thing about blogging about the garden (and home) - is it's hard not to feel like you're showing off. Well I feel like I am ( that's a fresh picked bouquet form my garden up there). But I love gardening! It fills me with joy every day going out into our garden and sometimes finding something to eat, sniffing the flowers, talking to the bees, (picking up dog poo's). That said, it also takes us at least 2 hours a day of care - and more if we want to do... more. Which we do. Because mowing a lawn is boring, and I want to grow all my own flowers for the house and eating a dinner that's 50% from the garden is mind blowing (and tasty - more on that soon)!
So because the process of having an awesome garden is slow (like years and years slow) - I thought that maybe I could share the ugly, tedious bits too - and the plans and the hopes. Unlike showing a room tour (which I'll get to soon I promise), it's much harder to jazz a garden up by rearranging some stuff and throwing in a vintage mason jar of fresh flowers. We've built our veggie garden, and we've turned a bed that was already here into the herb and perennial veggie garden. We've adapted the front garden a bit (to accomodate a plumbers thoughtlessness) and next on my list is the side garden. Here it is in all it's unworthy of blog glory:

To be fair - we do have a skip in our driveway at the moment, our car isn't exactly "attractive/cool" and there's cardboard all over the ground to kill the grass (which the sun is doing a pretty good job of anyway). In Winter we planted a cherry, nectarine, plum and 2 peaches. The massive Feijoa bush (that's the one at the front) was already there. The white Agapanthas need to stay along the front - because the whole front garden is a white flowers only garden (well it will be!).
It needs to have a lawn edge - one mowers width - so we can get in and out of the car. And then I think I want to continue the diagonal brick edging that's in the front garden. That said, edging is a pain in the ass because I have to trim it. Then I want to fill it with bulbs (Which I should be able to have flowering from June to December) and  perennials - so that it doesn't look dead in late summer and autumn. I'm think of keeping lots of white in there too - but introducing pastel pink, yellow and blue's in the mix.
Right now it's bulb buying time so I've bought (from Diggers club) a big bag of 150 bulbs which includes cream Jonquils, white Daffodils, Bluebells, white and blue Anemones, cream Freesias & pink, white and yellow Ranunculas. Also another bulk order of Jonquils, a few white and pink Tulips (they're expensive though), dusty pink Tritonia, Snowflakes and pink Alliums. The question is: what perennials??? I'm thinking some white lavender may be in order, and some soft pinkish grasses.
Ps. Excuse the shoddy iphone pics. Will do better next time :)

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  1. Wow! your future garden sounds amazing! I've only just realised that if i pick off the flowers my basil will grow more. Maybe one day ill have a garden as wonderful as yours!


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