Monday, December 10

Things to be Thankful for*

{Ummmmm I have run out of picasa image storage!! Help what do I do?? Do I buy more? Do I go through and individual reduce the image size of every photo?! Do I never post pictures ever again?}

* The movie is over - I get my life back.
* I production managed a movie!!
* I got the big permanent full time university job!!
* You are all still here - Thank you! (And thanks to my lovely guest bloggers)
* We are moving into our house on Friday.
* I've made some beautiful new friends working on the film.
* I have 6 weeks off before I start work.
* My little brother who just turned twenty one and who I am immensely proud of.
* My parents swimming pool. It's HOT.
* Ummm did I say how we are moving back into our house on FRIDAY!

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  1. Wow, a whole lot of wonderful! Well deserved

  2. there are some pretty amazing things on the list this week! well done and yay house!

  3. perhaps use flickr, photobucket or tinypic to store your images?

    Congratulations on finishing the movie and getting that permanent full-time job! enjoy your six weeks off as they go way too quickly.

    YAY! for moving back home, hope it all goes smoothly.

  4. Ditto a whole lots of beautifully wonderful things!!!!


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