Friday, November 30

Guesty Link Love for Friday*

I'm so pleased to introduce to you the lovely Sonya from totoro cupcakes camera especially because she is not only a blogger who I love, but I now call her my real life friend! Thanks for this weeks link love Sonya!

Hello! I’m really pleased to be sharing some links with you today on Soph’s lovely blog. I met Sophie earlier this year and was excited to learn she was also a blogger living in Wagga Wagga. Since then I think she’s been slowly turning me into a vegetarian.  

* It’s not too late to make your own advent calendar – I especially love the look of this garland one.
Check out this hilarious video of National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore at work, he photographs animals in studio settings but not without a whole lot of chaos (look out for the armadillo!)
* These fancy aprons blow my mind.  I reckon most could double as formal wear.
Two awesome things combined – writer Julia Baird was on Conversations last week. Her thoughts on what women want (and why we should stop asking that question) and ways to think about happiness are particularly great.
A yummy and surprisingly simple recipe for homemade pizza dough.  The recipe for the tomato base is also delicious and worth the extra effort.
And finally, a totally gorgeous love story that’ll make you want to hug your loved ones even more.


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