Friday, November 23

Link Love

Howdy doody, another guestie from husbando.

I must confess that I couldn't think of ten good links to share with you today, so it's a decidedly slim affair this week. But I think you'll agree that quality is what counts, so here are some lovely little distractions on offer on the internet.

*Growing your own veggies is sooooo good. But let’s be honest. It costs.
*The best music to write by.
*A wistfully brilliant confluence of easy sweetness. Serendipity, thy name is Kermit!
*The concept has been tried many times before, but is the first social network for scholars that actually works. If you're into research, try it!
*One of my favourite videos of all time: What you’re not going to do to save the rainforest.
*If you're in Aussie, they you should be watching A Moody Christmas. Oh man it makes me laugh.

Picture is of a lovely shaggy retriever we met last week who just happened to take her teddy bear everywhere she went.

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