Wednesday, November 21



Hi! This is a guest post from Tim, or ‘husbando’ as I am referred to around these parts. Soph asked me if I could write up a bit of an update about our house while she’s busy working on the film.

But I’m feeling cheeky. How else is a person supposed to feel when they’ve been given the login details for their lover’s blog? Exactly.

So I thought I’d take a minute to fill you all in on little miss Sophie shinelittlelight. The real Soph. Because you must sometimes wonder. I mean, who does these things? One minute she’s inventing some crazy-ass bakedgood, then the next she’s taking beautiful pictures and talking about her garden, taking a natural disaster in her stride, and now.. “oh, sorry, gotta dash. I’ve just got a major film that I’m sort of assistant producing. No biggie. No I mean I don’t actually have experience in this industry or anything but, you know how it is. Ooh, sorry I have to take this call, it’s wardrobe.”

Sometimes I wonder. I mean, how does one person manage to be so darn good at so many things? And of course in the midst of it all she comes out week after week with these beautiful, inspiring lists of things for which she is thankful. Well let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, that in reality, Soph is not like this at all. She is actually much better in real life.

This year has been incredibly hard for both of us. We probably haven’t talked about it enough with our friends and family. We struggle to conjure the words, to even understand what’s happening inside our heads and hearts. This endless wait for our home to be repaired leaves so little in our control that even time itself has no rhythm, no schedule, no certainty about it. We’ve had to be strong for each other, and more than that, be happy for each other. Soph has kept me going this year. She’s held me in her eyes, in her warmth, in her understanding. She holds my hopes in her hands, guarding them with all the strength of her soul.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be hers.

So I though I’d take this opportunity to write my own little "things to be thankful for" list, but this one is all about her. This one’s for you, Sophabear!

* You wouldn’t believe how good she is at looking after people when they are feeling sick or down.

* The way she refers to the moon as her friend, and glows when he’s out and about.
* When she is feeling silly she can be really freaking loopy!
* The way her hair falls in the sunlight, and those piercing blue eyes
* Her stumpy thumbs. Not since the forearms of T-Rexes have there been such hilarious appendages.
* She holds my hand while we sleep.
* Despite from her impressive music taste, pretty much every pop cultural reference is lost on her. It’s not that she hasn’t appreciated an Ira Glass or a Jello Biafra, just that she never cared to memorise names. There’s a lovely humility in someone who appreciates good things, but doesn’t think to namedrop.
* Soph gives amazing gifts, and is the queen of surprises. You should see the way her eyes shine when she makes someone’s day.
* She sings her heart out in the shower
* Her thankful posts. There’s always a new fresh and wonderful reason to love life in  shinelittlelight’s thankful list.

I’m most thankful to have an opportunity to say how much I adore this woman. And I’m grateful to you, readers of Soph’s blog, for encouraging her to keep on sharing in this way. Can I propose a toast to Sophie Shinelittlelight? 




  1. woah this is just soooo sweet... naw... :-)

  2. This is probably one of the nicest things on the whole internet. cheers to you Sophie

  3. Possibly the most beautiful thing in the world right now. Big love to Tim&Soph!

  4. Aw, Timbo, you are a darling. She is special, as are you. You're a lucky pair of monkeys xx

  5. long may she shine! this is so sweet, you two are just lovely. x

  6. Oh! This made me tear up, so beautiful to read words written by your husband about you. So lovely.

  7. Tim, this was so, so, so lovely. You are a grand match, I can tell. x


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