Monday, December 17

Are you sitting comfortably?

So here I am. Back. I hope. I've missed you! Shall we have a little catch up? A little recap? Do you have a cup of tea/glass of wine? Good.
I've been the Production Manager on a movie - extraordinarily all consuming and hectic but an amazing experience. The film should be coming out next year some time - so no doubt you will hear more about it then!

I got the job I got the job! I am now an associate lecturer in Design for Theatre and Television at Charles Sturt Uni. It was a long week of waiting to hear back after my interview - but I have a full time permanent uni job starting at the end of January. Security. Annnnd I probably won't talk about it much more than that here. Students have a wily way of finding you on the internet.
The house. Well we didn't move in last Friday as hoped because the floors still need to be done and ermmmm we have no bathroom - but next Friday we are going to attempt to move in again. We've spent the whole weekend puttying and painting (which is why I haven't been here as I hoped) and it's looking good. It has been so nice hanging out there together. a) we haven't spent time together in agggges, and b) it was nice just being our little family of two plus puppy. We even camped the night there on Friday which was great.
Christmas. Christmas is reallllly close, and I've hardly given it any thought except the fleeting - oh crap I haven't thought about Christmas - thought, which doesn't do much good. It's really strange not to be going anywhere. Normally Tim and I are either going to Wagga or Adelaide... but this year we are just... staying in Wagga... Surrounded by boxes and half painted walls. Life has a very determined way of not giving you what you plan for yourself doesn't it? At least we should be back in our house. Which is a lot more than a lot of others. And we will be eating a heap of home grown food... which leads we nicely to...
The garden! Basil and herbs galore, onions and garlic, corn, potatoes, parsnips and ermmm very small carrots. A bed of poppies, roses and giant sunflowers - which really diserve a post of their own.


  1. Its so to good to hear that everything is finally turning around for you! We don't believe it at the time when tragedy strikes but things really do get better! even if it takes awhile


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