Saturday, October 27

Things to be Thankful For*

* The joy of eating home grown food. (Parsnip soup - recipe to come...)
* A deadline on completion of our house. (End of November - fingers and toes crossed - but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too!)
* Roses. Mine are coming out, and visiting a friends amazing rose garden.
* Fun novelties of country life like friends popping by for a cup of tea... on horseback.
* Beer.
* The golden hour light.
* Weekends.

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  1. wow those roses are such a beautiful colour! will be looking out for the parsnip soup recipe :-) x

  2. You might be in your home for Christmas! That would be great-fingers crossed for you

  3. Yep... I can not wait to get my veggie garden and chook house up and running.

  4. I would LOVE a rose garden filled with those beautiful blooms. I would never leave it. As it is, I can't even grow a single one because the wildlife defeats me every time I get close. I won't give up... yet!! x

  5. And a hills hoist! Not everyone is so lucky, I think they are a blessing :)


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