Sunday, October 28

It's happening...

Last week tradesmen came, three days in a row:
The kitchen cupboards and bench tops were installed. Tim is now busily varnishing them. That gap in front of the window is where the sink will go, and the gap in front of the shiny insulation is where the oven (and a wall! ha!) will go!
A hot water service was installed, above flood height! We might need to touch up the paint where the old one was hey...
Freshly milled weatherboard, the right shape for our house was delivered.

And the joists in our to be bathroom removed - ready for concrete. It's amazing seeing the bones of a house...

This Week:
Apparently we will get a plumber and concrete poured... We wait with baited breath! This could be the beginning of our new beginning take two...


  1. oh I bet that kitchen window is such a source of beautiful light - that first picture has something extra, I really like it.


  2. Sooooooo exciting, Soph!!!
    Ronnie xo

  3. Oh yay, that is so exciting! :) x


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