Wednesday, October 24

On Bedding...

So this thing happened.

I got this email from a lady asking if I'd be interested in receiving some product and doing a review...

Mysterious as always.

I've had like, two of these before and had no interest in them. Online scrapbooking software?  Errr no thanks...

But this one was different. For starters she had actually read my blog and for mains the mysterious product was of interest and for desert she was nice.

Joules are a bit of an "I'm standing in a field of sheep wearing stylish tweed, elbow patches and being perfectly coiffed" fashion brand, who are branching out into homewares. Don't get me wrong, some of the clothes are lovely. Yes please to a foxy jumper or a fun floral number but the homewares are more my cup-of-tea, especially now that I'm a Country Style as opposed to an InsideOut kinda girl (you interior magazine addicts know what I mean!).

So I said yes. And then I got to pick (I didn't realise that was how it worked?!) what I wanted.

What I wanted to say was: This doona cover with matching pillows and that nice throw rug annnnnd this cushion, and by jingo, Lola absolutely needs a designer pet bed...

Then I thought that might make me sound a little bit... greedy.  And I wasn't sure if she was offering me full reign over the entire new homewares collection or not...

So instead I just asked for the doona cover. Actually I asked for the duvet cover, what with it being from the mother country and all...
And so in review:

* It's thick, soft, quality fabric.
* The pattern is lovely.
* It's kinda girly.
* It's kinda country.
* It's reversible.

* It doesn't come in Queen size.
* It's kinda girly.
* It ain't cheap - but not much nice bedding is.

Anybody got any smart ideas for making a king size cover fit a queen doona?
And who wants to buy me the matching pillows now?
Oh and I don't iron bedding. Do you? Does anybody? Who has that much spare time? I feel ironed bedding is perhaps a luxury best saved for hotels, so this is its original rumpled around straight out of the packet look - still not bad, not bad at all I'd say. Have a squizz at their stuff if you fancy, there are stripes and flowers and sailing boats too, and I actually really wish the kids ones came in grown up size. Cute town!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This isn't a sponsored post. They sent me a doona cover in exchange for a review. I'm telling you my honest thoughts about it. I would never do a review for something I didn't think you would be interested in.
I hope we're still okay? Was that okay? Next time I'm gonna get two "products" so I can do a giveaway for you guys too! Err if there is ever a next time :)


  1. best thing we ever did post-wedding was buy a king size doona, now we both can afford to steal some quilt space and not annoy the other...

    except for that one night this winter when holly was dreaming she'd lost something, woke up and completely ripped the doona off of the bed in search for the mysterious object that she'd lost in her dream...

    it was cold...

    1. It's tempting for sure Darren! Ahhh I have those dreams all the time too!

  2. i've never heard of doona- how exciting. my daddy always says, "if it's free, it's for me!" ha!


  3. Todd likes ironed sheets- but he can iron them himself!!! Nice reveiw. I had a weird dream about 3 nights ago that you wrote a book called Sophie's bedding about all the linen you liked- spooky! Courts xx

  4. Any chance you can give me her contact info? I've been searching for this bedding for my daughters room and every site says they're out of stock :(

    1. Hi Ali Kat - this was from 4 years ago and I don't have any of the details now - could always email admin at Jules I suppose! Sorry!

    2. Shoot - that's what I feared. But, they have some other really nice ones. How has it held up for you?


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