Monday, October 22

By way of explanation...

So in 3 weeks time I start shooting a feature film. By I, I mostly mean other people. I'm the production co-ordinator.

Wait a second Sophie, don't you work in theatre? 
I thought you were teaching at a university? 
There's a feature film shooting in Wagga Wagga? 

* Yes, it's the first time I've worked on a film.
* Yes but semester is over, I'm a casual, so uni student break = no money for me = no chocolate for us.
* I know right? It's the first feature film to be made here, and I have my fingers and toes crossed that it goes super well. We have some awesome stars, a super funny script, hardly any money or time - it's going to be fabulous and frantic.

I avoid talking about work here, but all this is by way of saying - ermmm I'm going to be a little bit busy. Again. Really, entertainment careers and blogging just don't mix that well. So I will be around a bit and I hope to have a few guest posts for you and I'm going to try to keep up with my thankful post and then by the time I'm free again I should:
a) Hopefully be back living in my house. Actually I don't want to jinx that, we're in our third week with no tradesmen roocking up.
b) Be in full Christmas mode!!! Woo!
c) Maybe have a full time job, which I am currently writing the VERY GROWN UP application for.

Oops. Sorry for mentioning Christmas.
Oops. Did it again.

Oh and this is the film.

Oh and the slightly fuzzy picture of a horse in a field? Just coz.

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