Monday, October 8

Shopping in my garden (wilted spinach recipe)

I just went to woolies, the local fruit and veg shop, and my house. Uninteresting? Okay so probably, but look what I got at my house! Broccolini (the last of it), rocket, lettuce, coriander, chives, english spinach and rainbow beet! We just had the most yummy rainbow beet on toast for lunch, because we have so much of it and it needs eating. It's so fun to try and cook out of whats available (and needs eating) in the garden...

For yummy rainbow beet (Or spinach/silver/beet/swiss chard) on toast you need:
* handful of rainbow beet leaves/person, washed.
* knob of butter
* half an onion
* half a lemon
* salt & pepper
* bread and butter - for toast

Slice you onion into small chunks and slice the hard stems of your rainbow beet or spinach into thin slices, like you would with celery.
In a deep fry pan, melt the knob of butter and add the onion and sliced stalks, stir until the onion begins to go clear (about 3 mins).
Chop the leaves into largish strips, I usually pile them on top of each other and cut them lengthways down the middle and once or twice across.
Add the leaves to the onion mix, sueeze your lemon all over it and pop the lid over it for 2 minutes.
Now's a great time to put your toast in I'd say...
Take the lid off, add salt and pepper, give it all a good stir around and as soon as it wilted pop it out onto your buttered toast. Rainbow on the plate!

This is another awesome accompaniment to a mega breakfast cook up. Here's some mushrooms and tomatoes to go with it also.

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  1. We picked up some pink silver beet at the farmers market this morning so we can try this! Yum! *you're turning us into vegos*


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