Saturday, October 6

Things to be Thankful For*

* Only one week of teaching left for this semester!
* Disinfectant. I got a multitude of cuts, scrapes and grazes this week - and it would suck if they were infected.
* Sunshine! We had our first (very brief) dip in my folks pool this week!
* After 5 months, Tim's thumb nail has finally grown back and he doesn't have to wear a gross band aid day in and out!
* The smell of rain.
* Wedding invitations. We have had three in the last month! Woohoo!
* Another cute little wine bar opening up in Wagga.
* Meeting our neighbors.
* Free plant cuttings from new friends.

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  1. Loads to be grateful for! Loved the sunshine that came our way this week too, and waiting to meet Our new neighbors! x

  2. I have loved this week's sunshine too. Lovely list :)

  3. Plant cuttings are fantastic, especially free ones!
    Loving the sunshine here too.
    Happy Week ahead!

  4. Enjoy your last week of term and all the good things to come :)


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