Friday, October 12

Link Love for Friday*

* New collection of tiny street art.
* Great article about Gillard's speech.
* Oh and watch the speech yourself. I cheered! I cried! It was AWESOME.
* Mmmm stationary.
Music and food, majestically combined.
* A toy train goes to space (so cute)
* Online colour palette generator.
* I want one of these for my wall.
* More cute attack.
* First world problems - the reality.


  1. wow wow wow - the notemaker site is awesome! have a lovely weekend miss! x

  2. I loved Gillard's speech too ... I hope we get to see more of her like that. I can't even imagine the possibility of Tony Abbott being in charge of our country!

    Oh gosh, and don't get me started on stationary ... that's way too dangerous and tempting for me. :)

  3. I love tiny people art, it's so cool.
    And notemaker is one of my go-to online stores for stationery.
    Ronnie xo


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