Tuesday, October 2

Dear Blog,

It was your, I should say our, three year anniversary last week. And I missed it. To be fair so did you. But I am going to woman and up and be the first to say: I'm Sorry. I'm sorry I missed this occasion which I had honestly been looking forward to with some anticipation. Blog anniversary's are the good stuff. The stuff bloggers hope and dream for. Easy cheerful content and a pretty picture and the days post is done. 
But no. This year it slipped... no, no wait it didn't slip, it flew by so fast I didn't even notice. I blinked and I missed it.
Here we are at the beginning of October, it was only January and we were doing our big tree change... yesterday wasn't it? I was blogging heaps, I had projects a plenty to share and free reign on my life! Oh my. How plans change!
But whilst I didn't get what I planned out of this year, and it is hard to see or say now, I know that I will look back in 51 weeks time on your 4th anniversary and say: Hasn't it been great? Aren't I lucky? The experiences, the fully renovated house thanks to the insurance company, the neighbors and friends, the opportunities!
So thank you little blog for being here through it all and for lasting the distance, through the thick and frequent, through the uninteresting and thin... you've still managed to grow and you got a face lift, and I'm still thankful every week... almost. And I'll still share the good bits and the big bits.

{photo by me, cupcake by Sonya}


  1. yay Sophie! well done - I'll be over for cupcakes soon...

  2. Oh! Happy birthday blog! I may have only discovered you a few months ago but I have since greedily devoured most of your gorgeous posts. Here's to another year - hopefully one with many more cupcakes shared on the pretty porch of your owner. Make a wish!

  3. Happy 3rd birthday to your blog!!! Love the look of that cupcake, Soph. Can't wait to see what the next year brings...
    Ronnie xo

  4. Three good years and looking better than ever!


    PS - I can't get that wonderful short film you guys made out of my head. It's just so good!

  5. Happy birthday little light!


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