Sunday, September 30

Things to be Thankful For*

* Family gatherings.
* Bonfires.
* Despite it not being installed, our kitchen has arrived and looks awesome.
* Having Tim's folks in town to help us paint.
* People being in love.
* Sticky date pudding.
* After 5 weeks I can now run 5ks. And I feel great.
* How good our walls look with a fresh coat of paint.
* That you are all still here despite my inability to get a post out this week! Sorry! Thankyou!
* Our garden. Our sanity!

{Pictures of the evening sky}

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  1. Sounds like lots of good stuff happening. Beautiful photos.

  2. GO you! Five kms already? That program really works, doesn't it!! Good for you, Sophie.

    I love your noticing 'people being in love'. Such a wonderful thing. x


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