Monday, September 24

In my backyard...

It's garden update time!!! (insert some catchy theme music here)
Spring is truley here (Hooray!) and we have all sorts of cool stuff hapening in the garden.
 The herb bed is coming along, with borage taking over, thyme, rainbow beet and strawberries.
I have chives and coriander, rosemary and mint. Tiny spearmint and parsley on its way... chillies and sage, asparagus and rhubarb. Oh the things we can grow! It's amazing!
Broad beans and snow peas, protecting our cut and come again lettuce and rocket, that miraculously the slugs and snails haven't noticed yet.
The potatoes are coming up, the lemon tree has been planted in front of the neighbours bathroom window (grow you good thing!) Note in the background the Lola proof fence! No more escaping for you puppy!
 The Euphorbia (yeah I know proper names and stuff) are being gorgeous.
 The mini fruit trees have mini blossoms and mini leaves dawwwww. This is a nectarine.
 The white garden in the front of the house is starting to look pretty again - finally!
And our glorious, glorious veggie beds are bird proof and make us so happy! We've even pulled the sprinkler out - which feels so naughty - but the dam is completely full, and I will certainly be doing my bit to make sure it doesn't overflow into my house again.

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  1. Oh wow! Your garden is looking so lush and productive, well done!! I am really wishing it would warm up down here so we can get some more things growing!


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