Thursday, October 4

Progress update

Inside the little blue house this time. We've had Tim's parents down for a week helping us paint which has been amazing! I thought I'd show you how things are looking around these parts 7 months after the flood, 8 months after we tree changed it down here.
The living room... walls puttied, undercoat and finished gloss windows. Oh and a big hole where the (hideous) aircon used to be. That's the kitchen pantry coming along too!

 Our bedroom... puttied. Ready for its top coat.
 The dining room, still in need of a little work... but the window is done...
 The kitchen arrived... but it didn't fit against the newly plastered wall... because the plasterers just bent the plaster around the chimney... and you know - our kitchen cupboards are straight... not curvy. Conventional I know?!
Then they came and ground the brick away from the chimney place.... and left the brick dust everywhere. 
Evvvveeerrrrrryyyyyywhere... le sigh.
And so we cleaned it up, but it still all needs to be cleaned off the walls my parents in law have spent their week down here cleaning... But atleast now our bedrooms are both painted... and they are doing something about the kitchen fitting... some day some day some day.

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  1. It is looking good. Renovating especially after what you have been through is exhausting. Good luck with everything.


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