Thursday, August 23

Aftermath Project

A first house in flood from ABC Open Riverina on Vimeo.

I just wanted to share that Tim and I are part of the ABC Aftermath Project. The lovely Sonya at the ABC Riverina who interviewed us, makes awesome cookies as well as being a ridiculously talented interviewer. This shares a snippet of our chat with her and many of our pictures. It so succinctly sums up our story I decided to put all awkwardness about the sound of my own voice aside and share it here.

I've hidden a lot of emotion from this place for the last six months - I like to stay focused on the positive here - but the flood is a constant in our lives for now. It's hard to put into words (though it was easy talking to Sonya) and it's hard to sound positive when we are so angry, frustrated and helpless a lot of the time.

Also I'd love it if you would watch the film Tim and I made together (about blogging and the flood) and if you like it vote for it here - I promise I'll buy something pretty for our home if we win!


  1. What you guys have overcome is just amazing, you are an inspiration. To think I've been concerned about a small patch of mouldy wall in our guest room when you lost the entire bottom half of your beautiful home to water really puts things into perspective!! I send you positive vibes and best wishes!!

  2. hello! it has been so nice to meet you and tim and have been able to record your story. it's also been a great excuse to visit your blog at work :) I hadn't really had the chance to spend much time in north wagga until I met you two and it is such a beautiful place to live.

    when it's time to move back in, tony and I will be ready to help! in the meantime we hope to support you with coffees and picnics and baked goods.


  3. Amazing storytelling guys, and great pictures. It makes me ache for all that you've lost, and the frustration of slowly rebuilding and repairing.


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