Thursday, August 23

Mini break

I kinda hate the phrase mini break - but it really does fit the bill. Tim and I just got back from two nights holiday - it was super lovely and just in time. I've eaten about a weeks worth of food in three days, done some op-shopping, slept heaps and read books. Not magazines. Not the internet. Good old fashioned stories. Heaven.
We stayed here at chestnut farm cottage in the village of Stanley. It was perfect. Underfloor heating, a mini kitchen (give me home cooked food over a restaurant any day) a beautiful sleigh bed and tranquil sleepy gardens - with the first of the daffodils saying hello!
Now back to lesson planning and hassling builders and electricians to DO something.


  1. Sounds like my perfect mini-break too. Especially with that wedge of blue. x P.S. Just tried to watch the video on your latest post, but there's an error with it. Have tried a few times.

    1. I love love love blue cheese - ohh the video is working for me still Ill add the link to the vimeo page as well - thanks for letting me know Vanessa *s*


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