Saturday, July 28

Things to be Thankful For*

* Clean sheets.
* Fog making it warmer.
* My super duper supportive husband.
* Wattle trees in flower.
* Getting positive feedback from work. How nice to be supported & recognised!
* Seeds sown in our garden.
* Morning Rage. It makes a weekend feel like a weekend.
* Golden afternoon light.
* Airplane jet trails. The promise of adventure. The magic of flight!

Linking up....


  1. Lots of seeds... can't wait to see the produce!

    Your photo of the fire is gorgeous, Sophie.


  2. Love that first photo….
    And yes, golden afternoon light. My favourite as well!
    Have a great weekend, Sophie.
    Ronnie xo

  3. My kids love the wattle trees. I have to do all I can to stop them from breaking the branches in the school yard.

  4. Love the crossed puppy paws.


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