Wednesday, July 25

Before & After: Compost heap

Look! We actually finished something!

The veggie garden is well under way growing us winter treats, but the compost heap was sitting like a an ugly mountain in the middle of the garden. We made it's enclosure using entirely recycled materials with the exception of the screws holding it together. Everything else was found in our sheds. The paint is from sample pots and the posts where just dug in to the ground. Slowly, slowly the bigger picture will come together!

Timmy built most of the structure. We sunk the four corner posts into the soil, put braces across the sides and back. Found some ripple iron to do the sides with and then painted old fence pailings and screwed them all in. Now Tim (and the worms) have 4 square metres of compost heap heaven (he is calling it the worm palace!) - pretty generous I reckon!


  1. That looks so cool! What a tremendous compost heap. x

  2. Compost is our greatest friend :) I love how you've painted the fence, so cute!

  3. Well done, you guys, and that picket fence is looking a treat. :)
    Ronnie xo


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