Tuesday, July 31


Hi my sweet blog and bloggy friends...
It's been too long and it may be longer. I'm working all the hours in the day again as well as fending off students germs (I haven't been sick yet this winter and I don't want to be!).
Nothing continues to happen on our house, which resulted in me unintentionally crying in front of the project manager. Awkward.
The cockatoos devastated our baby broccoli flowers that were growing.
The dogs water bowl is frozen over in the morning.
The car is only warming up by the time I get to work.
Husband is divine.
Lola is crazy.
And I miss you!
Please forgive me - I will be back ASAP! In the meantime please enjoy these peonies (which I have just planted in our garden too) and tell me what are your feelings about a coral pink feature wall in a sun room....

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  1. Well crap on a cracker, you need some better days ahead. Here is wishing you some headway on your house.

  2. You may be out of sight but you're not out of mind. This has been a particularly trying year for you hasn't it? I think a coral pink feature wall in the sun room could be just what you need:)

  3. So much happening in your little corner of the world! We'll wait for you :)
    and yes! A coral pink feature wall in your sun room sounds gorgeous and perfect for the soon to be here Spring days :)xxx

  4. We miss you too Soph but don't worry your pretty head, keep forging forward xx lots of love
    p.s. coral sounds wonderful!


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