Tuesday, June 5

In my letterbox...

The wait for the post is becoming very exciting... not just because it's my birthday very soon but because we continue to be blessed by our friends after the floods. A dear friend of my husbands (and therefore of mine) wrote to us asking if there was anything we lost that we might not think to replace - something seemingly insignificant but still special.
We thought about it and it occurred to me that I had lost my entire wrapping paper collection. I always unwrap carefully and save every piece I get given to use again. Wrapping a present beautifully is a joy of mine. Second hand wrapping paper is not really something you can replace or is technically that big a deal.
Tim lost most of the seeds we owned and had been excited to plant in the garden, small not that big a deal but time consuming and expensive to replace. We told our friend this - and since getting back from the desert we have been receiving package after package. Some filled with wrapping paper - some with a mix of seeds and wrapping - a whole subscription to the diggers club - from this friend but also all her friends - some we know - some we don't. Amazing. The kindness of others - being on the receiving end, it's an incredible experience. And, although I lament  this year as being "washed down the Murrumbidgee"... still the bigger experience of it is awe inspiring.


  1. That is the sweetest thing! How lovely, amidst all the awful. I'm sure you'll be on our way to a new wrapping paper collection soon enough. x

  2. That is so beautiful.
    Can I send you something too?
    Ronnie xo

  3. This is so incredibly sweet! Kindness is such a beautiful thing. I love receiving parcels {especially the unwrapping!} in the post too x

  4. God is so good. In the midst of rebuilding after such disaster, God finds a way to bless you with even the smallest of things. May He continue to bless you.


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