Friday, March 2

Link Love for Friday*

* I need me this bear.
* Great article about angry cycling. I so understand this pov.
* Yay for colour!
* Wow. Beautiful.
* Do you love beards?
* Bitter sweet nothings.
* What all the money ever looks like.
* Ilove seeing Aussie homes on Design Sponge, and this one is such a winner!
* The oscars...
* Way cool backpack for cycling.
* Gorgeous organic looking jewelry.
* Excellent business cards.

Lots of lovelies for you lovelies today! This is what happens when I'm meant to be writing lesson plans and it's raining.... ohhhhh internet!


  1. It's taken me ages to get this comment typed due to my little max crawling all over me!

    I wanted to say that bear is awesome!Great links!
    not sure if my comment on the fig jam turned out - but I wanted to know how it turned out! You're lucky to have a awesome tree - even if it is a neighbours!


  2. Currently Lola is licking and thinking about eating my shoes, whilst they are on my feet under the table... so I cant say I fully understand re. kidlets, but I feel like Im getting there!tehe! All your comments came through! Thanks so much! I will post pictures of the jam tomorrow! It worked a treat! *s*

  3. That's a beautiful bear! I hope you have a wonderful weekend - here's hoping the weather clears up here!
    Ronnie xo

  4. It's so easy to get distracted by the 'ol Internet isn't it? We are currently heading for some severe weather (think Tornadopocalypse) so I'm at home where I should be making art! I Love that Target commercial. I guess you do miss out on some good things when you watch TV only on Netflix!

  5. i love me a good beard =) meow!!



Thanks, I love receiving comments! *s*